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Thank you for your interest in being part of a team!

Steps to start or join a team today:

  1. Select a team captain: The captain must register first and create the team before members can join.
  2. Choose a team name and team division that best fits your team (Community for friends/family/clubs or Company/Corporate for workplace teams).
  3. Invite friends, co-workers and family to join you! Email, Facebook or tweet everyone you know and invite them to race with you. 
  4. Personalize your participant page. Add a photo of your team, upload a link to a video clip or activate the blog feature.
  5. Set a fundraising goal. Tell friends and family why you Race for the Cure. You can even accept donations online, right from your page! Or fundraise online or from your smartphone!
  6. Compete with other teams and have the bragging rights until next year's race.

 Once you've registered your team, here are some next steps:

  1. Make a self-donation in any denomination to show your commitment.
  2. Set a goal for the number of people you will recruit and set a fundraising goal.
  3. Identify a champion—someone with a personal story who can share our mission and motivate others.
  4. Create fundraising rewards for your team members, encouraging them to meet or exceed their fundraising goals. And tell your team about Komen's great fundraising prizes and awards.
  5. Display event materials — brochures and posters — around the office, campus, cafeterias, break rooms, gyms, and other high-traffic areas. Put your name, phone number, and/or email address on the posters so people can contact you to get involved.
  6. Host a kickoff meeting or event and invite Susan G. Komen® staff to make a presentation.
  7. Send fundraising tips out to all your team members.
  8. Highlight the team's top fundraising member(s) and post a progress chart with your fundraising and recruitment goals in a visible area and update totals regularly.
  9. Encourage everyone to use social media to share their story and share Komen posts. You could even set up your own Facebook page especially for the Race.
  10. Let your donors and team members know how much you (and Komen) appreciate them.